Welcome to Sherkin Island! The best way to find out about Sherkin (Inis Arcain in Irish) is to come here and explore the island, which is approx 3 miles long with a population of about 100, and lies off the southwest coast of Ireland.

Alternatively, you can navigate these pages which give a sample of what Sherkin is about. For example, for information on current events visit the NEWS page.

Sherkin Island, the ancestral home of the O’Driscoll clan, is the most accessible island in Ireland – only ten minutes by ferry from the small fishing port of Baltimore, Co.Cork. The island boasts a wonderful array of landscapes, Atlantic views from the hilltops, fuchsia-scented lanes and the finest sandy beaches. The Abbey, located near the pier was built in 1460 by Fineen O’Driscoll and is a fine example of medieval monastic architecture.

       24_silver_strand_cape_sm            Abbey

Wild flowers abound on Sherkin. It is second only to the Burren in its botanical richness. Many birds breed on the island and rare migrants pass through in spring and autumn while butterflies and dragonflies adorn the lanes. You will find good fishing on the rocky headlands and, close inshore, seals, otters and schools of dolphin and porpoise can be observed. The island is also well known for its magical sunsets and as a base for whale watching. To help you travel around the island there is a Rural Transport bus and in the summer months bicycles can be hired. We hope to see you soon!!!